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Abroad101 Scholarships – Read The Winning Entry

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Congratulations to Kellie James, we are all excited for you to go to Paris! Read Kellie’s winning entry below and write your own today. The deadline is September 15th and voting will continue until the 20th.


Seeking My Own Paris

“Mommy can you tell me about Paris?”

“Paris…The city where I fell in love.”

“That’s where you met Dad?”

My mom chuckled as her eyes glazed over while she reminisced about a different time.

“No, that’s not where I met your Dad. Paris is where I fell in love.”

“But in love with what?”

“I fell in love with the cobble stone streets, the bustling atmosphere and the breath taking architecture. I even fell in love with its mystical fog that blankets the city in the morning. More importantly, I fell in love with the way it blooms with life, love and perpetual happiness during the spring.” As I grew older, my idea of Paris developed into a concoction of romanticism and beauty. I had not, however, experienced the city for myself. But that will change. This spring I will seek my own story of Paris.

In every story, there is triumph, struggle, heartbreak and mine is no exception. Over the past four years, I have dedicated a substantial amount of my life to the French culture. Yet my passion for French hasn’t always been successful. I’ve come close to giving up on France before but somehow I always find a way to take a step closer to my own Paris. I, however, now face the biggest heartbreak of all: financing my dream. Paris is slowly slipping away from me as I struggle to balance my life, school and finances. This scholarship would be a blessing that would shape my life for the years to come. This $5,000 would not only help me to offset the costs of my program, but would propel me along my journey to discovering Paris for myself.

Upon my completion of the AIFS program, I will be able to teach and encourage other students to study abroad. I will come back with the ability to assist fellow classmates who are struggling through the daunting process of study abroad. I can guide them through program selection, paperwork, and finances. All of which I wish I had help on. Yet more importantly, I will be able to show others my Paris. Study abroad will transform me so that I will become a living testament to why you should take a leap of faith and discover the world for yourself. Just like my mom, I will inspire and share my story of Paris to all who will listen.


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