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Josefov, Prague

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Above is a beautiful fall picture from the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague. The cemetery dates to at least the early 1400s but many scholars believe it is even older. When space ran out and it was not possible to buy new land, new soil was put down and graves were put on top of one another so it is still know how many people are buried there.

Prague has a fascinating Jewish quarter with cemeteries, museums and the oldest active synagogue in Europe -the Old New Synagogue or Staronová Synagoga in Czech. It is here that the famous legend of the golem was born! Today, you can tour the area and learn about the rich history of Prague’s Jewish quarter and it’s history throughout the years. A little outside of the city you can visit another Jewish cemetery and visit the grave of a famous Czech, Franz Kafka.

Read more about the Old New Synagogue in this great post from Atlas Obscura and

Check out this New York Times article from  a few years ago about the enduring legend of the golem.


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