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Announcing Our 2nd Abroad101 Scholarship Winner!

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Congratulations Joshua Netter! He is our second abroad101 scholarship winner and we could not be more excited he is studying abroad with us. His post had 511 likes and a very convincing argument about why, as a Peace and Conflict Studies major at UC Berkeley, he feels studying abroad is so important. Read what Josh had to say:

Where In the World is Josh Netter? Rome Hopefully…

“When I started college two years ago and began hearing about studying abroad, I instantly knew that spending a semester studying in a foreign country was a tremendous opportunity that could not be ignored. After much deliberation, I set my sights on studying in Rome. With its rich history, archaeological and artistic treasures, vibrant culture, and of course, delicious food, I concluded that Rome was the best choice for me. Most importantly, studying abroad in Rome and being exposed to new customs, perspectives, and ways of thinking about the world will have a lasting influence on my growth as a person, a student, and a global citizen.

In the increasingly globalized world that we live in, it is crucial to be able to empathize with other cultures and perspectives, and to know how to interact and cooperate with people from foreign countries. Immersing myself into Roman culture will not only introduce me to the Roman way of life and the principles and values it encompasses, but it will also allow me to see the United States through the lens of an Italian. Since my studies focus predominantly on international politics and government policy, gaining firsthand knowledge as to how another country views the U.S. will help me to better understand the place I live and will provide me with critical insight that I will carry for the rest of my life. When I return from Rome and continue my classes about international conflicts, political disagreements, and environmental policy making, I will be able to utilize the new perspectives I gathered while in Rome to take a more critical and comprehensive approach to analyzing the material that is presented to me.

Ultimately, studying abroad will enhance my grasp of global issues and make me a more worldly and well-rounded person. I consider myself very privileged to be attending a university away from home, as I know that the costs of tuition, books, and room and board are quite cumbersome. I do everything I can to help my parents financially, and to alleviate some of the burden of paying for college, I worked three jobs this past year as a referee, a waiter, and a research assistant on campus. Since I will not be working during my semester in Rome, it would be hugely beneficial and I would be extremely grateful to be awarded a scholarship to help defray the costs.”

Congratulations to Josh and Kellie and thank you to all the students who entered the contest. We loved reading about why you think study abroad is important. There is still time to apply for this spring semester so visit our website or call us today, and stay in touch with us on facebook and twitter so we can keep you updated about program news, deadlines and scholarship opportunities.

PS: abroad101 just released their 2012 awards so check out their top ten programs (AIFS makes the list twice!) along with their ratings of the most livable cities, the best language programs, the best places for foodies and much much more!

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