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The Presidential Debate Reminds an Alum…

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why it was so important to study abroad. An e-mail to our Resident Director in Salamanca, Spain.

“Hello! I wanted to thank you for all your advice when I was in Salamanca. The debate was at my school (Hofstra) and I had the opportunity to host some international guests. Many of them spoke Spanish (some of them only Spanish) and when I spoke to them in their language it really made a great connection and I was able to hear their perspectives on all the political discussions. Without your help in Spain, constantly encouraging us to talk to people in the plaza, the intercambios, and exploring with Spaniards not just Americans I never would have gotten to a level of proficiency to have the discussions about instituting democracy in growing countries. Nor would I have been as accustomed to politics being such an open topic. I can’t thank you enough, Salamanca was the best experience of my life, but it also prepared me for experiences like the one I just had and the ones I will have in the future. It literally changed my life, and without you I know I wouldn’t have gotten as much out of it as I have. Thank you Gaye.”

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