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Costa Rica: New Hot Spot for Foodies

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Last Updated on May 24, 2019 by Cat Rogliano

We posted about the best Austrian foods, now here is a snapshot of some delicious Costa Rican fare. Our friends over at abroad101 ranked study abroad programs for 2012, and Costa Rica made the list of top foodie destinations! Local ingredients, the freshest fruit you can find, and amazing host families that take you in and introduce you to all of it, make it a must for students and travelers.

Below: Lomo asado (grilled beef with rice, beans, pico de gallo and fried plantain), Beef chalupas from a local “soda” (fresh, quick sit down place for lunch), and the delicious “sopa negra” (black bean soup with a hard boiled egg).

For further reading:

Costa Rica goes locavore Here for gallo pinto and Costa Rican breakfast

Costa Rican gallo pinto (their famous rice and beans dish)




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