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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

Can’t keep track of all of the posts, tweets and whatnot? Starting a new weekly round up of all the best stories, pics and news to keep you informed. What’s new this week:

  1. Meet Elise: she just arrived in Cannes, France and she is blogging about her experience for us this semester. Check in with us for updates, follow her excellent blog, or check her out on twitter where she has been posting beautiful pictures a la the above.
  2. AIFS is offering $500 scholarships for summer and fall with Diversity Abroad -find out more.
  3. We were at UNL last week for their annual Get Rec’d fair and we had a scholarship contest asking students where they wanted to go and why. Mara had a really touching winning entry and you can read it and the rest on our facebook page.
  4. We already have 82 entries for our best of summer photo contest! We almost have entries from all of our different programs so check them out and vote (vote vote!) You don’t have to choose just one since you can vote once per day.
  5. This crazy picture from Portugal of the new world record for highest (100 feet!) wave ever surfed.
  6. Hilarious llama photo bomb.
  7. And lastly, a really cool story out of England this week about King Richard III’s body being discovered after hundreds of years under a parking lot.

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P.S. Don’t forget about our $100 discount and $500 grants if you apply by the 15th! $100 off any AIFS program and $500 summer grants for Turkey, Argentina, China, Brazil and Greece.

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