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Our Favorite Photo of the Summer

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It was tough but, here in the office, we just loved the colors of the boats in Cinque Terre. There were so many amazing entries, make sure to check out the album on our facebook page to see 2nd place, 3rd place and the runners up.  More from Kevin on this photo and his experience with our European Art and Architecture program:

 Why he chose EAA

I was looking for a program that would allow me to experience as much of Europe as possible. Stopping in 5 countries, the EA&A program was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to see as much of Europe, it’s culture, and it beautiful art as possible; so EAA was great because trips to historic landmarks, museums and more were built right in to the curriculum. And there was plenty of free time to go off and explore the city on your own as a small group. 

What struck him about Cinque Terre

‘The Boats of Cinque Terre’ photo was taken on a day trip I took during our stay in Florence. While the city of Florence itself is beautiful and interesting, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit the Cinque Terre! As I was hiking along and grabbing lots of wide angle shots to get in the whole view I thought about what detail of the scene could capture the whole feel of the Cinque Terre. I decided on the boats because these towns are so defined by the water they border. No matter where in the town you are the Mediterranean Sea is just a few minutes away, and wherever there is an opening its’ welcoming blue waters are visible. But there’s more to it than that because the Cinque Terre have a blissful feel to them brought forth by the colorful pastel colors of the buildings and the quaint fishing town feel. I felt that the brightly painted boats eloquently captured all that it is to visit the Cinque Terre.

His favorite cities

It would be hard to say that visiting the Cinque Terre was any kind of highlight on this trip (though if I only had the chance to visit that single location I would have been sublimely happy still!). It’s not that the Cinque Terre didn’t live up to my expectations, it far surpassed them actually, but it is because the rest of my time on EAA was incredible too! It seems like my favorite city was whatever city I was in at the time. I just enjoyed exploring the new cities and seeing what they had to offer. Each one was different and exciting. Looking back I would say I enjoyed my time in London or Paris the best. We spent the most time in London and so I became fairly adept at navigating the area and learning the best places to go for food, etc. London has a ton of history to offer; I tried to make the most of my time wherever I went but it seems like I could have spent months more in London and still have more interesting places to visit. Paris stood out because it’s simply beautiful, the food is great, and the art is even better. Once again EAA had trips built into the program so we saw nearly all the highlights of Paris (and the surrounding area). But if something wasn’t built into the program then you just found a friend and went on your own during some free time. Our hotel was just a few minutes walk from Notre Dame so I went there every day to see the cathedral during different times of day and to watch the street performers.

EAA is like the grand tour, you don’t have to choose just one place to study abroad, you can see it all! We extended the summer deadline to April 15th so there’s still time to apply! Contact us to find out more. Where will you go?

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