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A Day in the Life: Florence Internship

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This semester I had the amazing opportunity to work for Compagnia Virgilio Sieni. This is the holy grail of all internships for someone like me who loves the arts. I learned so much and was able to experience so many new things. This is an experience that some people only dream of I am lucky to say that I lived it.

I worked in the most charming old building on Via Santa Maria. My coworkers explained to me that the space had been loaned to Virgilio by the city so that he would use it for his art. We have two rooms for performances as well as office space under one roof. We do a lot of interesting things at Compagnia Virgilio Sieni and we are constantly working to promote Virgilio’s latest creation. At the beginning of the semester we were working on getting ready for the tour of his latest piece, De Anima. My job was to create a newsletter and send it out to any and all English speaking residents of Florence. Next on the list was a festival called Stanze Segrete that focused on children’s modern dance and art. We worked tediously all week in order to get everything ready for the festival.

This meant making advertisements, getting programs printed, as well as last minute costume fittings. The office was extremely stressed out and the phone rang off the wall but that made me even more excited for the actual production.

The night of the festival finally came and there were people running around everywhere trying to get everything perfect before our guests arrived. Although we were running around like crazy people right before we opened the doors the whole auditorium was completely calm. That’s when we knew we were ready for the show. We opened the doors and everyone flooded the building. When it was over we ushered everyone out and we were on to the next show. This happened several times throughout the weekend. By the time it was over everything was just one artistic, choreographic blur.

I felt very accomplished when the festival was over. I like being able to say that I was a part of something so great. I feel very privileged that I got to spend a semester working for Compagnia Virgilio Sieni. I learned so much from Virgilio, Daniela, and the rest of my coworkers. I can’t wait to go back to America and apply everything I learned in my internship. Many people dream of an experience like this and I can say that I lived it.

-Ashley, AIFS Florence Internship Program, Fall 2012

[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’5′]Our internship program is based on what you want to pursue, we don’t just assign you an internship, we help you find something you are passionate about. Read more about the program on our website. And read more about Virgilio Sieni too!

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