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Bernini vs Borromini

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One of the best things about studying abroad? Not being in the classroom because the city is your classroom. We loved this youtube video about Bernini v Borromini and how the famous architects helped make Rome one of the most (the most?) beautiful cities in the world. If you studied in Rome or not, it’s a wonderful short history about their intense rivalry and the making of modern Rome. The lesson? Having such a great competitor can bring out your best work.

Even if you are not an art history major, I always recommend taking an art history course, if you can, wherever you are studying. It is not just about art, it is really a cross-disciplinary course and you end up learning about the city and the country on a deeper level. Below are just a few of the art history courses you can take abroad. Check them out and explore our website!

Baroque Rome and Its Monuments

Michelangelo in Rome

Museums and Galleries of Florence: The Cultures of Display

History of Russian Art

Austrian Folk Art and Folk Customs

The Renaissance: New Perspectives



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