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Notes From Campus: London Internship

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AIFS offers a unique internship program in London, combining the best of study abroad and real world work experience that students can use for their résumé once they finish school. (Students can also intern in Florence, Rome, Granada and Costa Rica. Find out more!)

We spoke with Sarah, our London Internship Coordinator, about what students are up to this semester and she sent this update:

This spring we had placements in a wide range of sectors.

Theater– Three of our students interned at theaters in London and were able to assist with costumes, props, stage management, sound and lights, marketing, social media and promotional events.  They gained hands-on experience of how to run a theater.

Finance– One of our interns spent his placement working at a boutique investment management company in the heart of the City.  He gained valuable insight into the financial services fields in London and Europe, utilizing his research and further developing his skills.

Communications– This is always a very popular choice for interns in London and so students were placed in a wide range of roles.  One student had the chance to work with an international charity, another was working as an intern at a media planning company, while another worked in sports marketing.  There were a number of interns at PR companies, covering different sectors such as beauty, lifestyle, travel and fashion.  There are many opportunities available for this major and interns always have a great time during their placements!

Journalism– Two students interned at magazines this semester.  One student was an online intern at a local culture and lifestyle magazine and was able to write a number of articles for their “What’s On” section of the website.  The other intern worked at a high end fashion magazine, assisting the team with all the behind the scenes tasks that are necessary to keep a publication running smoothly.  He even stood in for a missing model at one of the fashion shoots!

Graphic Design– There are two interns this semester working in the licensing department of a large publishing company in London.  They have spent their 8 weeks working on various projects, helping to ensure that all images are prepared to an extremely high standard ready for publishing.  They’ve had the chance to see the corporate side of design, and improve their skills and attention to detail.

We’re looking forward to meeting our new summer interns at the end of May and excited for them to start their placements!

We’ve recently developed some great new relationships with organizations, particularly for history and media planning so we are definitely keen to hear from students who major or are interested in these sectors.


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