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Best of Fall 2012 Photo Contest Winners!

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Thanks to all of the students who submitted photos! Below you can see all of our photo contest winners and the descriptions. Which was your favorite?

1st place – With the most votes was Eugenia’s photo of  an afternoon bike ride through the countryside of Salzburg. It was so serene and we have been getting so much love for Salzburg lately, we want more students to learn about it!

2nd place – This is one of the most stunning photos we’ve seen -if it didn’t win 2nd place by votes it would have definitely won a Judge’s Prize. Emily studied in New Zealand and traveled to so many amazing places. She took this photo of the “Champagne Pool at the Waiotapu geothermal area. The water is so hot that it creates steam and bubbles, giving it its Champagne name.”

3rd place – And with the third most votes was another photo from New Zealand! Jordan photographed the “view from a crevasse in the Franz Josef glacier on the South Island of New Zealand. This was taken after a helicopter ride to an adventure that included hiking, climbing, and sliding on the glacier.”

After the winners were selected based on votes, we at the office looked at the rest and chose our favorites. Here are the winners of the Judge’s Prizes:

1st place – African Nights, the Sahara Desert, Zagora, Morocco by Andrew who attended our Rome program in the fall and traveled to Morocco with friends. Gorgeous photo!

2nd place – Sarah studied with us in Florence but submitted this amazing photo “taken on a day trip to Villa D’Este near Rome.  I will never forget the moment we stepped outside of the villa and saw this beautiful rainbow; it took everyone’s breath away and reminded us once again how beautiful life can be.”

3rd place – There were so many excellent entries featuring wildlife! It was impossible to pick just one, but this photo by (a different!) Sarah of whale watching in Sydney Harbor was our favorite.

And an honorable mention to Elise who had two amazing photos of Dingle, Ireland that everyone loved -“after the rain” and “simplicity is beauty.” Loved them.

If you have photos to submit from any trip abroad with us you can always enter them in our Capture the Culture Contest.




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