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How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

by AIFS Study Abroad

Elise is our student blogger abroad in Cannes right now and she wrote a post about why she chose France and how she chose AIFS. Read on:

Let me make it a point to say that I did not come to this decision without many nights of online research about other study abroad programs offered in my dreamland of France. “Cheaper” ones in particular.

What sold me was that this seemed like an organization that really knew its stuff. And that I finally concluded what I wanted out of my study abroad experience. By this I mean that it’s been around for over 50 years now and students reviews of the Cannes program were glowing. The program fee includes all the essentials and so much more. Apart of that “more” aspect is internship opportunities with the most prestigious film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival. You’ve probably heard of it or seen pictures from it. It’s a pretty big deal.

Why did she choose France?

This is a very personal journey for me as well since I’ve always wanted to become fluent in French and study abroad in France. I’ll give credit to my mother, who at one point was fluent in French and ventured over there herself in high school. I would also have to give credit to crepes, childhood days of watching “Madeline”, and every picture of the Eiffel Tower I have seen in my entire life.

Read more about her time in Cannes and adventures traveling through Europe on her blog.


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