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Salamanca 1993!

Inspired by a recent #tbt photo (check out the great collection AIFS Salamanca has -classic 90s) we are launching our first ever alumni throwback photo contest. It doesn’t matter what decade you studied abroad, your photos have a story to tell and we want to hear it. Dig through your photos- you might have to dig through actual, physical photos- and find your best retro study abroad pics.

While we would love to see some vintage photos from the 70s, 80s and 90s, it’s never too soon to enter even if you studied abroad just a few years ago. That old cell phone, that hairstyle, or whatever you think makes it a throwback, send it in!

Every person who enters will receive an AIFS tshirt and the best throwback photo will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Enter as many photos as you want!

1) E-mail your photo to alumni@aifs.com

2) Include a brief description -when you studied abroad, where you studied abroad and why it’s a throwback for you


Fine print:
Photos may be used at any time by AIFS in marketing materials, including but not limited to: catalogs, brochures, and social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram and web site.

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