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FAQ’s for Summer in St. Petersburg

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Our Resident Director in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kathryn Alcock, just sent us some FAQ’s she put together for our summer program. What’s going on in Russia for the summer, you ask? Read on.

What are the white nights? Will it get dark at night?

White nights last from late May until late July, but the peak is from mid June to early July. During this time the sun does not go below the horizon enough for the nights to be truly dark. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year in St. Petersburg and we have a midnight excursion to see all the sites.

What is there to do on the weekends?

St. Petersburg is not called the “cultural capital” for nothing. With hundreds of museums, and dozens of museums and concert halls, there is something for everyone. We also have a rich program of cultural activities planned that include visits to palaces, soccer games, the ballet and more.

How will I understand Russian enough to get by?

Don’t worry! It is overwhelming when you first get here, but learning by immersion is the best way. The mind has an incredible innate ability to act as a sponge and soak up the patterns and structure and sound of a language when completely surrounded by it. How much you learn or benefit from your stay is directly related to your personal attitude and how much you take advantage of your surroundings.

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