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Interning at the Cannes Film Festival

by AIFS Abroad

Last Updated on March 10, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

One of the best things about our student blogger, Elise, is her unfailing ability to insert Cannes puns into her blog posts. Case in point, her most recent post about interning at the film festival entitled Cannes this be happening? Yes, indeed!

We were told before that Cannes would transform from a quiet Mediterranean beach town into something totally unrecognizable to us. It was hard to picture such a transformation when they told us that in February. Now, with the amount of English speakers, camera holding tourists, the sudden appearance of tents, posters, and film-related ads on building after building, I would say that my Cannes has undergone quite the makeover.

The pace has suddenly quickened here. The talks me and all the other AIFS students have had recently are primarily about our internships. Although not everyone decided to do one, everyone who did apply received one. Even then, for those who decided to pass on the internship opportunities, there is still the AMFAR Cinema Against AIDS dinner on May 23rd which has long been connected with the collège in terms of supplying student volunteers. Sandrine and her contacts did not fail any one of us!

We patiently waited for Sandrine to send us word when our résumés got into the right hands. A large group of my friends have already begun working as hostesses for the La Semaine de la Critique part of the festival (apparently the “hipster” part?). Another group who are working as production assistants for Entertainment Tonight Canada (cool, eh?). One of my friends is interning for a film financing company from England and may or not meet David Hasselhoff in the next week. Last but not least there is Caroline Meintzer and myself who will be working for a social networking website called Fest21. Click here to get a look! Although our duties have not been totally clarified, it seems that Caroline are considered the bloggers for the festival which means that we will be taking beaucoup des photos, talking to the press quite often, and writing! How about that?

Read the rest of Elise’s post and more about her time in Cannes on her blog. Interested in studying in Cannes yourself? AIFS is offering $1,000 grants for the fall semester so find out more on our website!

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