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Sarah was one of the winners of our Best of Fall student photo contest and she wrote us about her photo and what she would say to students considering going abroad. It’s not a double rainbow, but it’s still pretty incredible. Read what she had to say below and find out more about our programs in Italy on our website.


Towards the end of our time in Florence, we all went on a trip to Rome.  It was so much fun experiencing this beautiful city with everyone in our program.  At the end of the trip to Rome, there was an optional trip to the Villa D’Este, and about 10 of us went- mostly girls who were lured by the rumor that scenes from the Lizzie McGuire movie were filmed there.  It was stunning, and as soon as we walked out of the door of the villa there was a beautiful rainbow over the gardens and the town in the distance.  We all stopped in our tracks, grabbed our cameras, and yelled to our friends to make sure they saw it too.  That rainbow was so beautiful, and not just to us Americans, but to everyone there.  In my time abroad, that is probably what I learned the most- that despite language barriers, many things are universal, like the beauty of a rainbow.  I devoted a lot of time and effort to learning Italian, and I am so glad I did because I spoke to many locals in their own language.  If you are reading this blog wondering whether or not to study abroad- DO IT!  And especially with AIFS, all 70 students in the program in Florence became so close, like a little family.  I miss all of them and Italy so much; but it will always be a part of me now.

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