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Countdown to Stellenbosch, South Africa

by Kelly Mitchell

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Hello everyone I’m Kelly!  I am a student at ODU, a marathon runner, and a dancer.  I study sociology, psychology and dance.  I have wanted to travel to Africa for a long time and I finally get to go!

I am studying abroad at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa this summer from June-July; wish I could be there longer!  The summer program allows me to get the extra credits I need before I graduate in the spring and I don’t have to spend my last year at school without my friends and family.

I chose to study abroad in South Africa because I have always been fascinated by the culture.  I wanted to study somewhere off the beaten path and I chose South Africa over other African countries because I have heard that the landscape and food is remarkable.

I will be taking three courses, all of which will count towards my sociology major.  Everyone in the program will take Introduction to South Africa’s Political History, which is the first course.  For my other two courses I selected HIV and AIDS: A South African Perspective and Ethics, Science and Culture in Philosophical Perspective.  Each course is a week long and counts as 3 credits, giving me a total of six sociology credits.

As a sociology major, I live for studying and learning about cultures that are different than mine.  The opportunity to take sociology courses from professors in a different country will expand my knowledge even further.  I hope to gain real experience and lasting memories from this trip.

I’m very excited!  Still a lot to do before June, but it is so close!

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