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London: Pre Departure Post

by Kellie Howe

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Hello everyone, my name is Kellie Howe and I am a junior at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. I am an informatics major with the hopes of one day becoming a field agent for the FBI.

So what made me decide to study for six weeks this summer? I have always wanted to see Europe, especially London. I will be taking Globalization: Power, Networks, and Identity in the New World Order which will fulfill my cultural class requirement for my informatics major. I am also taking an introduction to photography class just as an elective. I figured what better class to take abroad; I get to document my trip and learn how to take awesome pictures. I will arrive in London on June 14 and return home on July 27.

I feel I will gain a lot from this experience in London. I get to live in another culture and learn new customs while studying. I ultimately decided on studying abroad over the summer break for six weeks because personally a semester away would have been too much. I love my life at home and I don’t think I could handle being away for an entire semester. Six weeks is the perfect amount of time for me to explore London. I hope to one day go back and just tour Europe when I finish my studies. As you can imagine I am extremely nervous but excited at the same time about this trip. This is definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life and tell everyone about.

I look forward to posting on a regular basis about my journey through London 🙂


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