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Bring on London!

by AIFS Study Abroad

I was walking down Portobello Road, during prime market time, saying to my mom: “When I get home, I’m telling Nicole ‘We are SO studying abroad in London when we are in college’!” Now, five years later and here I am, less than one month from departure day for my summer in London, entangled in the need to study for finals and the want to plan out every day I am going to be spending abroad! Oh finals how I loathe thee. But, let’s be real, that does not mean there won’t be time for a meager pin or two to my study abroad Pinterest board during my study breaks…

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I will be leaving in one month with a best friend since fourth grade, Nicole, to stay and study in Europe. It was just a few months ago, after a stressful day on campus, I texted Nicole: can we please just blow this popsicle stand and study abroad somewhere? Needless to say, 20 minutes later we were at our campus’ Starbucks, flipping through the AIFS catalog trying to choose the place of our future most-amazing-summer-ever. Eventually, we were down to two cities: London or Paris.

I love Paris. Really, I am a total francophone. I have studied French for four years, I’ve been to France three times in the past five years, I’ve gone with family, I’ve gone with my French teacher and classmates, I’ve stayed in the same hotel every time I have been there, I know the 7th arrondissement like the back of my hand: the bookshops, bistros, and boutiques! I love Paris. And I was excited to show it to Nicole, who had never been!

But eventually, we chose London, based on its fun and interesting course selection, the duration and timing of program, and the fact that both Nicole and I LOVED it when we both visited (even though it’s been a while) plus, we managed to schedule in a celebratory side-trip to Paris on our last weekend in Europe! Not bad huh?

Choosing a course was the next hardest decision; there were so many that sounded so fun! I mean, Travel Writing, Medieval Culture, and British Fantasy Writing! My inner geek was giddy with excitement. But, I chose to do something a little different than what I would normally pick. Ok, so it’s very different than what I would normally pick and completely outside of my comfort zone! But that’s one of the reasons to study abroad isn’t it? Try new things, different experiences, foods, people, step out of your skin, live a little! And that is how I came to justify my decision to take a screen-acting techniques course. And the fact that it counts for credit towards my cinema studies minor helped seal the deal. I have never acted before in my life! How am I to pass a course devoted solely to the art of acting?! Stay tuned to find out…

But in the meantime, before I can brush up anything to make me stage-savvy, I have a text book calling my name, beseeching me to study. Just three more exams between me and all-out London mode. Bring it on!

There's nothing like going abroad with friends! Carlos, Andrew, and I at Versailles Palace

There’s nothing like going abroad with friends! Carlos, Andrew, and I at Versailles Palace in 2011.

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