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My Path Led me to Greece

by Alexandra Sardi

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HELLO!! Geia sas!! My name is Alexandra (Alex) Sardi, and I will be going to Athens, Greece to take a communications course, called Multimedia Lab. I am majoring in Advertising at Florida International University, so this course is related to my major, but it is really to gain more knowledge in Photoshop, Ulead/Premiere, and SoundForge. These are all programs used to manipulate photos, videos and audio.

The toughest question I have been asked about studying abroad is “why Greece?”   I have a list of places to travel to, (one of them being Greece) and to get this opportunity to live there for a month with my twin sister, Andrea, is unconditionally appreciated. There are many countries to choose from, so when I submitted my application I was nervous because how does one know if she has picked the right place? Thailand or Australia were both contenders for first choice but Greece kept calling my name: the water, language, culture, and colors. It’s not the reason I chose Greece, but what I have painted in my head are the exquisite shades of blue.

As most college students, I have my major but am still undecided on what path to take, which is okay. A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson always makes me feel better about that little situation: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I believe that Greece will answer questions about myself and what I want to pursue in life. I truly think I will develop a little part of myself that I have yet not discovered.

Throughout the trip I hope to continue a project that I do here in Miami called photo of the week. I will try to be posting photos as much as possible, but once a week there will be one photo labeled “Photo of the week” and then a title for that specific picture. I consider myself an artist (photographer, painter, jewelry maker, etc.), and maybe Greece will inspire me even more with its art and history.

I hope that students will bring their talents abroad and expand their knowledge. This is why I think study abroad is important. People will go to Greece or other countries expecting something, but leave with something completely different.

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