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Pre-Departure Reflection

by Kathy Wyche

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I chose Athens, Greece because I have been interested in the arts since I was young and it has always been a city that interests me . After becoming a graphic design student at Towson University, I was required to take art history classes. In my first class, I learned so much about ancient Greek art and I fell in love with it. The myths and stories of the Greek culture have always interested me, but after seeing pictures of the art, I knew I had to see it for myself.

Luckily the AIFS summer Athens program offers an art history class that will count towards my major. And what better way to learn about the art history of a culture than seeing it for yourself? I think I will gain so much more from this experience in Athens than taking this course in a classroom. I believe this experience will be very important to me and to everyone else studying abroad as well. To leave your comfort zone and to throw yourself into a whole new culture is a great way to really get to know yourself. Exploring other cultures emphasizes the fact that there are so many people out there, each with a different path than yourself. I think people, especially Americans my age, often forget that there are other people out in the world, and often have it harder than we do.

I really hope to gain a better understanding of the Greek culture, while gaining a better understanding of myself. This is a very different trip compared to other ones I have taken, and I have never traveled to a place without my family or very close friends. I’m really excited to meet new people and to learn about the culture of Athens, Greece.

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