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The Countdown Begins!

by Alexandra Strauss

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March 15th, the deadline for Summer 2013 sign up, seemed an eternity away from studying abroad Now sitting here counting out the weeks, seven in total, I’m actually starting to feel my pre-departure buzz! *FINALLY*

Six countries in four weeks- I didn’t pick the most lackadaisical of study abroad adventures to say the least. Trying to choose one country to spend the summer in was harder than I had imagined, so finding the multi-country art and architecture program  made my decision as easy as the click of my mouse button.

Looking into the detailed itinerary, the program became more and more enticing: 6 nights in London, 3 in Amsterdam, 5 in Paris, 2 in Lucerne, 3 in Venice, 4 in Florence, and the last 4 in Rome. Not only are these main stops included, but also day trips and night stops along the way in other cities as well. After reading it all, I was sure that this trip was tailored to my outgoing personality, and energetic view on life. Staying in one spot is fun, but I knew that the amount of traveling this trip had to offer would always keep me on my toes!

Studying abroad was something that has always been a dream. I have traveled Europe with my family since I am Austrian and my grandparents live in Austria; and it is important to us to visit since we are their only family. As a young adult though, the full European experience felt far from my travels. I knew that going with my peers would be the only way to truly experience the culture and appreciate it more than trips past.

I hope to gain friendships, memories, and the experience of a lifetime. I intend to embark on this journey with minimal and broad expectations, because high expectations can lead to disappointment, which is not an option on this trip. By going with an “open” mind whatever experiences happen will be the best of the best.

Choosing summer over a fall or spring abroad allowed me to have this experience  but also maintain my school track. Summer allowed for a quick taste of what abroad is all about, and will help in future decisions about going again.




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