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An American Girl in Paris:Pre-Adventure

by AIFS Abroad

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The idea still seems surreal to me: spending six blissful summer weeks studying language and culture in Paris. It sounds like the premise of a horribly predictable romantic comedy, not anything that would happen to me.  As I sit here, trying to comprehend stepping outside the 70-mile radius I have lived in for all of my life, I think of how crazy this sounds.  Leaving home is a huge step for me, and I struggled with whether or not to take this trip for months before finally deciding it was what I truly wanted.  I don’t easily stray far from what I know, but I have been ready to do this for a long time, and I can’t wait to see what is awaiting me in the city of light and love.

I have always wanted to be a part of Paris.  My parents took a very unwilling me when I was 12, and though we spent only a few days there, it has stayed with me.  I chose to take French classes in high school and throughout college in the hopes of one day returning and being better able to communicate.  With six years of classes under my belt, I will be studying at the Sorbonne, taking a French language course and a Parisian architecture course which will contribute to my language minor.

Paris seems to be at the heart of French-speaking culture and, being a city-girl at heart, I feel I will be most suited to life there.  I have chosen a summer program, which is more suited to my academic schedule (otherwise study abroad would have been impossible for me), to complete my French minor with a bang!  Immersing myself in the culture will be the cherry on top of my years of learning the language, and I hope to be able to improve my speaking during my stay, and to be able to continue using it throughout my life.  From this experience I hope to gain a broader awareness of life beyond my own, a more willing sense of adventure, and hopefully new friends and experiences from a city I hope to carry with me always.  Maybe the fact that this is all actually happening will start to sink in one of these days.

Avec amour


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