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I Can’t Wait for ITALY!!

by Mary Matthews

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My name is Mary Houston Matthews. I was chosen to be a student blogger for the summer 2013 AIFS study abroad program in Florence, Italy! I am a Senior at the University of Mississippi, graduating in May 2013 and I will receive my B.A. in Broadcast Journalism with a specialization in Public Relations and a minor in English. I am excited about graduating from college and starting my career this upcoming fall. A friend told me about the AIFS program and we decided to go together! We are taking this trip to Italy as our last “jaunt” before we head out into the “real world,” ha!

I have never been to Europe and I am especially excited about Italy. Every person I have spoken with who has been abroad has such great things to say about Italy and particularly Florence. And check out that picture! It is places like this that make me so giddy about what Italy has to offer!

The course I am planning to take is  “History of the Italian Mafia.” I have always been interested in the mafia and can’t wait to learn about how it originated. I think it is great that the program offers classes like these that we may not be able to take at our own universities. It is a great elective that can keep my interest.

I believe that studying abroad is not only a great privilege but a great tool to train myself for meeting people from other cultures. Not only do I hope to learn about the Italian way of life but also to make new friends along the way. I can’t wait to meet everyone and take on a new adventure! Oh yeah, and I cant wait to try genuine Italian spaghetti and gelato!


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Mary Houston

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