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It’s that time of year again. For me, it’s been coffee-laden days that are starting to blur together as I get ready for finals week. By the looks of most of the (zombie-looking) students here at the University of Texas, I am not alone. Everyone is frantically trying to get that final paper done or cramming for that economics test. However, something that has definitely been keeping my spirits up is the reverie that soon I will be studying abroad in Paris at the Sorbonne. All of my study breaks have been filled with Google searches on Paris, the Sorbonne, French etiquette, must-sees, and just about anything else in between that you can think of.

Studying abroad has always been something I’ve wanted to do since I can remember. I think my heart was set on it since back in the 10th grade of high school when we welcomed a German exchange student into our class. Unsurprisingly, our German friend was fascinated by the culture in Texas—everything is bigger in Texas!

I am unbelievably excited. I am crossing my fingers that I am provided with homestay, as opposed to living in a dorm, so that I can really experience French living—not to mention French home-cooked meals!

I am also very excited to study in Paris! As a part of my degree plan, I am required to take 12 hours of a foreign language. Assuming I pass my French final next week (oh and I will!), I will be arriving in Paris with 6 hours of French under my belt. I plan to take the final 6 hours I need while abroad this summer. According to my study abroad advisor, my day will start with a few hours of French grammatical instruction. Then there will be a one-hour session that is the conversation part of the course. My advisor told me this has typically been just a few students and an instructor. I am most looking forward to this aspect of the course since I can practice the language with native speakers. I am really hoping to enhance my French speaking skills.

In addition to all the culture that I can’t wait to experience, I am looking forward to making life-long friendships with other students who will be experiencing all this with me. All of my friends who have studied abroad, like my German friend for example, came and went with nothing but great laughs, good stories, and unforgettable experiences. I cannot wait for this adventure to begin!

Well, my sociology book beckons me now. Just a few more months… à bientôt!

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