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72 hours Before Leaving

by Kelly Mitchell

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I am too excited to begin my adventure in Stellenbosch.  These past couple weeks have been pretty calm with getting everything together:

  • Luggage-check
  • New clothes-check
  • Passport-check
  • Camera-check

Luckily, I’ve had my parents help with lists of things that needed to be done before heading out. All that is left is figuring out my phone situation and the actual packing part.  Of course, I’m a last minute packer so that won’t be done until Wednesday.  Hopefully, I don’t forget anything too important…

I head out of Dulles Airport on Thursday evening but won’t arrive in Cape Town until Friday.  The flight is very long but I will be prepared with my movie selection (which includes Forrest Gump!)  Our itinerary looks packed with awesome excursions, classes, hiking, etc.  Our trips include safaris, wineries, bungee jumping from one the world’s highest jumps, Cape Town day trip, Robben Island, Swellendam Mountains, and many animal encounters (like ELEPHANTS- my favorite).  That’s not even all of it.  We will be in class all day Monday-Thursday and our weekends are free for the trips we choose to take.  Plus, I’ve heard the food is to die for.

I still feel like my study abroad experience is months away…

But this is my last blog before arriving in South Africa, so be prepared for many pictures and updates!  I have a feeling this trip will go way too fast for my liking.


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