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Summer Bliss in Italy

by AIFS Study Abroad

“Throw a dart on the map and travel to wherever it lands….”

I’ve seen this phrase many many times; I have Pinterest to thank for that. When I decided to spend my summer studying abroad, the last thing I needed to do was throw a dart to tell me where to go. I didn’t even need to explore all the many different destinations and options that AIFS provides. I knew instantly that Italy was where my heart was.

I have always been very heavily involved with school and dance. I was on my high school dance team for 4 years, as well as spending the past 4 years of college representing my university on the sidelines of every basketball and football game as a dancer and cheerleader. Unfortunately for me, dance has always been a year long obligation, making zero time for vacations and traveling.

For my final 6 credits of college I have been lucky enough to obtain them abroad….. in ITALY!!!! Talk about graduating with a bang… For the month of June I will be living in Florence, taking my final upper division requirements with Fashion Marketing, as well as Master of Renaissance: Leonardo De Vinci. The field trips for these classes will take me to some of the most idyllic locations that Italy has to offer.

Following my Florence experience, I will spend July in Rome taking my final 3 credits of college with the course Rome Through The Ages. I am most excited for my time spent in the eternal city. Thanks to modern technology, I have already created great friendships with the people that I will be living with while abroad. Lauren, my roommate for Rome, and I have already booked trips through European travel agencies and are set to spend a weekend traveling the French Riviera as well as a weekend in Croatia. I have been counting down the days until my departure since November and its so surreal to me that I leave in less than 2 weeks!!! FINALLY!

With that said, I ought to get to packing and enjoying these last moments with my close friends and family.

They’re gonna miss me. Till my next post-

Love & Cheers!!!



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