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First Week in South Africa

Good afternoon!

I am here, safe and sound, in South Africa!  Jet lag is finally over and I am now sleeping regularly!


It has been a busy but amazing first week.  We have started courses, our first one being South African Political History.  We have class from 9-4:30 every week day.  The professor is an amazing lecturer, so it goes by pretty quickly.  Then we either have night activities, like a movie, or we all go out to dinner.  We have South African students living and going to classes with us, which is very cool.  They are all so sweet and helpful.  I am loving their accents!

Today, we had a field trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years out of his 27 total years.  It was a rough ferry ride to get there, but we made it.  We saw Nelson Mandela’s cell, and they have former prisoners give the tours which is very interesting.  On the island, there were wonderful views of Cape Town.  After Robben Island, we ate at a really cool restaurant on the water.  I had my first appetizer of samosas, which are delicious.  They are fried bread with beef, cheese, or potatoes as the filling.

We have our first excursion coming up this weekend.  So I will have more for everyone next week.  Now for a few photos:

Nelson Mandela’s cell

Beautiful views from Robben Island!

New friends and I with part of Table Mountain behind us

Our residence hall, here at Stellenbosch!


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