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Butterflies and Enchiladas

by Kelsey Kaylor

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My mom is currently visiting me in Michigan; we live two hours a part, and she is starting a new job soon. This may be the last prolonged visit we have before I become crazy busy with summer classes and planning to go abroad. After idling around my apartment, sitting on the front porch and admiring the sunshine, we decided to get dinner- Mexican food.  Decent Mexican food can be hard to find in this town, so you have to drive to unfamiliar places and maybe wander around aimlessly before arriving at a place that satisfies not only your appetite but your curiosity as well. Dinner was delicious: enchiladas con pollo (with chicken) and a Mexican cola, made with real sugar. We talked very little, consumed by the food, but also the anxiety of traveling abroad loomed. There is an excitement that coincides with going abroad that is perhaps indescribable (but I’ll try). It’s a mixture of butterflies from nervousness, anxiety from the unknown, and euphoria from all the possibilities that lie ahead.

This summer I’ll be going to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study Spanish. It is best to learn a foreign language where it is spoken, so I knew that if I minor in Spanish, to fully appreciate the language, I must go abroad.

I chose Buenos Aires because it is a large metropolis in the southern hemisphere, that juxtaposes South American culture with European influence. I’ll be there for six weeks- four weeks with AIFS at the University of Belgrano and then two weeks on my own traveling around Argentina and maybe other South American countries. Through this experience I hope to acquire a further understanding of South American culture and life, and to expand my own perceptions and horizons. Living outside the box, even if it’s only for 6 weeks, will leave a lasting impression.



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