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Headed to the South – South France, That Is.

by AIFS Abroad

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Hi guys! In 19 days I will be headed to Cannes, France! Needless to say, I am quite excited. I have never been to Cannes before, but I hear it is more laid back than Paris – where I have been. Freshman year of college, I stayed in Paris for a month and it was life changing.  I learned a ton about France, the United States, and myself during those four weeks. It was challenging, liberating, and reassuring. I learned French, adaptability, and resilience when faced with adversity. Ever since that trip, I knew for sure that I wanted to return to France and I became a French major.

Since I have visited the north of France already, I wanted to visit the south. I had to pick a program during the summer because it was more feasible (it had to do with financial aid and graduation). Wartburg students study abroad with AIFS frequently, so applying to AIFS was a no-brainer.

As a French major, studying abroad is a requirement so I will be taking two French classes. I am expecting my French to get better,  especially my accent. Being forced to make French your primary language is different than speaking French in class. Because you want to survive, so to speak, picking up on the language happens more quickly than one would think, which is another thing I am looking forward to. Learning French in a class is not the same. Beyond that, I am hoping to enjoy myself and meet some cool people. I am a big extrovert and I love to explore, so traveling is perfect for me.

Is studying abroad important? Of course it is! I wish everyone had the opportunity and desire to study abroad. The world has so much to offer and you can’t take advantage of it staying at home. I also feel that going abroad opens your eyes to so much. You get to experience different cultures, languages, foods, geographies, and people. As I said before, you learn so much about yourself in the process. Traveling abroad is a really humbling and rewarding experience.

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