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First week in Athens!

by Kathy Wyche

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The journey to Athens was a very new experience for me, mostly because I was traveling alone for the majority of it. It was hard leaving my parents at the terminal, but I was excited for the journey ahead. The flight to London was long and it was difficult to sleep. I had a really great view of the super moon from my window! When I landed in Heathrow, I was so happy to see members of my group. We all hit it off right away and it made me more excited to get to Athens.

Our apartment is located very close to the university, which is in the northern part of Athens. I enjoy being where we are because it is not a tourist area and I feel like I can really embrace the culture. Everyone in town is friendly and generally speaks English, which I really appreciate because we are all having a hard time retaining the Greek language.

Every Monday there is a farmer’s market right around the corner of our apartment building. I was told that the produce grown here is pesticide free! I bought strawberries and a honeydew melon. Perfect for breakfast.



Yesterday morning we climbed a mountain near the university. There was a trail leading up all the way to the top, but we took a different route that got us pretty close. We woke up at 5:00 AM so we could catch the sunrise. My roommate and I thought we were going to miss it and ended up jogging the remaining part of our journey- it was completely worth it!


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