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First week in Greece = Success!

γεια τι κάνετε (Hi, how are you)?!

Sitting on the rocks of the Acropolis watching the Sunset.

Sitting on the rocks of the Acropolis watching the Sunset.


Words are popping in my head to try to describe the perfect ways to express the way I feel about Athens, Greece. Getting to know the people that I have met exactly a week ago has made me realize that these are the moments that I live for: telling stories and gaining new ones with a group of people who had the courage to experience life abroad. I have learned a lot in the past seven days, and have experienced watching both the sunrise and sunset over the beautiful buildings and houses of Greece.

People have been even telling my twin sister and I that we look Greek! I have been trying to learn a few words to get around, which has been helpful. I have not yet felt the culture shock, in fact, I am so open minded that I just took everything in. One of my favorite quotes by Samuel Johnson, which inspires me to travel even more is: “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”  As an artist I find everything in Greece to be a work of art; from the way people talk and dance to the sound of bugs that ring throughout the day. And don’t get me started on the handmade jewelry! Our first time in Monastiraki was breathtaking. Their were stands of jewelry, soap, and clothes. But what really caught my attention right when we got off the subway was the Acropolis standing tall right before my eyes.  

The gang and the Acropolis in the background


On Sunday, June 30th we spent the day in the island of Hydra. There are probably a total of three cars in the island (from what I saw) and a whole lot of sail boats. The people get around using donkeys! Unfortunately, we were not able to ride them, but I did have a moment with one of the donkeys while petting him because he started rubbing his head against my stomach…adorable! Anyways, when we got there, one of our leaders gave us a brief description on the history of the island. From what I remember, I was fascinated by the way the soldiers would trick the people they fought against in war. They would pretend the trees were soldiers by putting pieces of metals and silver on the top of the trees so that by far they would look like the men fighting. Throughout the day we went shopping and spent time at the beach. I love to rock climb so when I heard that some people wanted to cliff dive, I could not resist (YES…first time cliff diving!).

Island of Hydra


Cliff diving


Donkeys! Island of Hydra


What an adventurous first week of Greece it has been. Even though we have school, we also take the time to enjoy our surroundings. I am appreciating every moment, every breath, and every taste of Greece. Till next blog. 🙂

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