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Anne Hubbard, who directs customized programs and academic assesments for AIFS, is our latest #tbt victim volunteer! I asked her if I could use her photos and she kindly obliged: “Some years ago I would have been horrified to post these . . . but I think you reach an age where you know who you are, and just don’t care what you looked like back when!”

“Thirty years ago, at the end of my junior year abroad in France, London was the last stop after my month of travel. On a Sunday morning, I thought I’d ride the tube out to Wimbledon and just take in the scene as people arrived for the tennis finals. Well, I ended up buying a ticket from a young English woman about my age for a spot in the ‘standing stalls’ (which no longer exist) right down in the front at the center court line.  I watched John McEnroe easily beat an Aussie, Chris Lewis, in the Men’s Finals, and I saw Mixed Doubles Finals as well. It was pretty warm and sunny (just my luck) to be standing for such a stretch, but worth every minute for the memories!


View of the British royals also watching the match



Checking out the Wimbeldon Shop



Anne paid about $20 for this scapled ticket



McEnroe won easily, none of the drama he is famous for!


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