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Rome Has Taken My Heart

by Claire Renn

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Rome is absolutely amazing. This city was made for me I swear. I have made the greatest friends that I could ask for! Thus far my class has been wonderful (Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art). We go on site everyday which is pretty amazing because I get to see the works first hand and not through a slide show.

So far I have visited Capri, Naples, Vesuvius, Pompeii, Sperlonga, and Florence. My favorite place has to be Capri- it is so cute and the water is absolutely beautiful. I climbed Mt. Vesuvius and I can tell you that is a climb of epic proportions. Pompeii was very interesting; we saw bodies that have been preserved for almost two thousand years.

The nightlife here is one of my favorite things. We discovered taco night in Rome and let me tell you, all us Americans are pretty excited because we crave tacos.

The food. Oh man the food. Never in my life have I had so much spaghetti alla carbonara or pizza. It’s a weird obsession and I feel that I must continue eating it. Gelato is probably the worst of all, I can’t stop eating it. Blueberry cheesecake is to die for if anyone is looking for a good flavor.

Tomorrow I have my midterm and a ravioli cooking class later in the day. I sure do love ravioli so it should be greatr! I have a sunburn from Sperlonga and I am burning up. Time to go to bed. But this is good for now!


Ciao Ciao



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