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2013/2014 Alumni Ambassadors

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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

We relaunched our Alumni Ambassador program for this coming year and we are so excited about our new class.

Last week we had the opportunity to meet with them for training here in our Stamford office and it was incredible. We were so impressed with what they had to say about study abroad- in general and how it impacted them, whether it was for the semester or just the summer.

It was nice to be around a group of students who could all relate to and empathize with starting every sentence with “When I was in Italy…”

Some highlights:

-Learning about all of the different AIFS programs

-Skits at the end of the day to showcase what we learned (they were pretty good!)


-And of course going to NYC

We can’t wait to see them in action this year, and we are definitely going to be featuring a lot of photos and blog posts from them so stay tuned. If you went abroad with us this summer, or you are going this fall or spring then you are eligible to apply for next year! Read more on the alumni section of our website.

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