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Greece, Wait for Me to Come Back!

by Naras Prameswari

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My last real Greek salad.

Wait, what? Where did the past month go?

I cannot believe that I am back in South Dakota now. A land less fun than Athens, even though I did miss my friends from college.

However, I cannot thank everyone enough for this opportunity.

Greece seriously will never, ever, be forgotten. It had been one of the best summers (possibly the best ever!) of my entire lifetime. When you have longed for something for nine years, it is hard just to let it go.

So, for our last night in Greece, we went all the way- because of our early morning flight, we decided to go out and not go to sleep.

We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant near our residence with one of the RA’s and Tassos.

Dinner with Tassos, AIFS Representative, and Litsa, the RA

Afterwards, we finished packing and went to the nightclub for a small celebration. We drank responsibly, people! And most of us only went there because it was our last night together and we wanted to celebrate instead of going to bed.

Jess from Boston University, me, and my roommate for a month, Mary

Me, Kathy, and Maria

Lastly, we went back to the residence, made sure that we left nothing important behind, and put our luggage on the bus.

We said goodbye, which was my least favorite part. I was trying not to cry but it was really hard.

We never know when will we come back.

But, the clock indicated our time in Greece was up. We had to go.


My last picture of Greece. Right before the bus left.

Most of us remained silent on the bus, some were tired, some were sad.

At the airport, we said more goodbyes.

And finally, we all parted. Well, at least for now. We promised each other to meet again one day.

Nonetheless, all of us know that this Greece experience will stay in our hearts.

For me personally, Greece changed me in a few ways.

  1. I enjoy tomatoes. Possibly only Greek tomatoes.
  2. More housing responsibility. Kitchen and bathroom do not clean themselves.
  3. The most important thing: I appreciate my life. A LOT.

I appreciate my family who supported me to come to the country of my dream. My parents are seriously the best. (LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD <3)

I appreciate the Americans, the Greeks, and everyone who made this trip wonderful and memorable.

I am coming back to Greece one day, I am promising myself, just like I did nine years ago.

Thank you to AIFS as well, who provided this program that I completely enjoyed to the fullest.

The Greece experience will never stop for me, it is just currently on pause, and I will continue it in the future.

Just wait for me to come back.

Σας ευχαριστώ, Ελλάδα! Σ ‘αγαπώ!


Love, Naras.

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