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The Benefits of a Study Abroad Internship: An Alum Story

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Why do students love our London internship program? Because of stories like these:

Last spring,  study abroad student Luisa Garcia carried out a Broadcast Journalism Internship at NBC News. Securing the internship in this incredibly competitive field was an achievement in itself, but Luisa was also given the opportunity to research and create a news package about elephant poaching in Africa. She interviewed Charles Mayhew, the founder and CEO of Tusk, for her piece.


About her internship:

“Interning at the NBC bureau in London has been a fantastic experience for me. I intern specifically for the Today Show so I get to work side by side with a great team of producers, writers and correspondents on a wide range of stories. Although I am only on my second week, I feel like I have learned so much already. When I am not researching, scheduling interviews or logging footage, I am out on shoots learning from a number of talented field producers. I have already attended an auction with Princess Diana’s most glamorous dresses and met Maggie Smith, also known as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series. The workplace atmosphere is lovely. Everyone is always willing to help each other out and I have received great support and guidance from the writers, producers, camera crews and production assistants. There is always something to do and learn, I am never killing time or bored at my desk. It can get intense working in a newsroom because we are always on deadline, but I must admit that I work best when I am under pressure.”

And in conclusion:

At the end of the internship Luisa was hired by the Today Show for a 20 day session in Russia this coming February to cover the Winter Olympics.


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