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The Cheers and Jeers of Florence

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From our Student Journals archive, the Cheers and Jeers of studying abroad in Florence as told by three of our alums:


Tori Kark and friendsCheers to gelato on every corner.

Cheers to free wine tasting.

Cheers to orange and green meal tickets… everybody loves feeling like they got a free meal at Golden View.

Cheers to no class on Fridays.

Cheers to all the parents that lugged every American food imaginable across the world.

Cheers to Lorenzo…if it weren’t for him, who knows who would show up for class at 9 on Monday mornings.

Cheers to Esselunga tickets.

Cheers to everyone for making this an unforgettable semester in Firenze!

Jeers to dog poop every five feet…watch your step!

Jeers to church bells ringing every half hour starting at 7 on Sunday mornings…you didn’t really want to sleep in, did you?!

Jeers to waiting ’til 8 pm to eat, and another two hours for il conto!

Jeers to mosquitoes biting every inch of our bodies.

Jeers to the toy cars sold on every street…eerr beep beep!

Jeers to the euro/dollar exchange rate.

Jeers to leaving Firenze.

Brought to you buy: Sean Kark, Tori Kark, and Andrea Leong

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