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Adios USA!

by Jeremy Clayton

Today doesn’t feel like the beginning of my study abroad experience, the day I started packing felt like the beginning.


The worst part...packing.

How am I going to fit everything I need into these bags?


Packing is always a drag, but I’ve gotten used to it because I attend  school out-of-state. It’s a routine at this point. But, this time I tried something new. I used space-saving vacuum bags. I always knew they were great for packing, but I never REALLY needed them…until now. I have two big winter coats that I needed to fit in my suitcase along with my other clothes. Fortunately, the vacuum bags did the trick! I love these bags!

I decided to buy a lot of things I would need in London in the US because it’s cheaper. Also, I packed an extra duffle bag for traveling in Europe and extra luggage. I ended up checking in two bags. I think it was worth the 84 dollars.
I spent my last weekend spending time with family and friends. I’m going to miss them soo much!
Filling out my luggage tags

Filling out my luggage tags

At the airport, I exchanged 100 dollars for pounds just in case of an emergency before I got to my room.
20130901-184253.jpgWell, see you in London!
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