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Pre Departure Packing Advice from our Students

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So you are going abroad for a few months and you need to fit your entire life into one, maybe two, suitcases. What do you do? Our fall students already have some advice for you. Read on and check out all of our student bloggers here.

Ebony (Costa Rica) says:

1. Order all of your prescription medicine EARLY. Too early, even. As long as it’s in the system. You’ll most likely still run into problems but at least it’s not your fault.

2. Pack creatively!  Some people roll their clothes up as tight as they can, others vacuum seal them. One thing I can assure you- it’s not easy.

3. Check and double check your flight confirmations online! I tried to do online check in and found a lot of my info needed to be filled in personally. Also, there’s a chance you can get a great seat at the last minute!

OH and as for how my personal packing experience went….well….

Thanks for the help mom!

4. It’s totally not against the rules to ask for help. Moms are awesome at this stuff!

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Jeremy (London) is sort of an expert at packing already since he lives so far away from his home university. His advice:

Packing is always a drag, but I’ve gotten used to it because I attend  school out-of-state. It’s a routine at this point. But, this time I tried something new. I used space-saving vacuum bags. I always knew they were great for packing, but I never REALLY needed them…until now. I have two big winter coats that I needed to fit in my suitcase along with my other clothes. Fortunately, the vacuum bags did the trick! I love these bags!

I decided to buy a lot of things I would need in London in the US because it’s cheaper. Also, I packed an extra duffle bag for traveling in Europe and extra luggage. I ended up checking in two bags. I think it was worth the 84 dollars.
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And Alejandro (London) has figured out that you want to leave a lot of room for what you will be bringing back. A lot of room:

Manchas and I do fit in one suitcase comfortably.
Manchas and I do fit in one suitcase comfortably.

The time has arrived for me to pack two suitcases with a four-month supply of clothing and toiletries. Not the easiest task, but it has been completed. It turns out I’m quite good at packing since I was able to fit it all in a carry-on and just take up ¼ of the check-in bag. That 32″ bag you see in the picture is practically empty, which will be beneficial once I purchase a whole lot of souvenirs and have no place to put them.

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