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Здравствуйте, Санкт Петербург!

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I am now officially in St. Petersburg and am moved in to my dorm room. I’m living with Chauncey, Jacob, and Derrek. The view is pretty cool from my room and the window opens up all the way.  There isn’t any air conditioning, but it’s still pretty cool and as far as I can tell, we have hot water. Internet is only really available if you find an empty common room, which can be hard to come by.

I went with Chauncey to the 7Ясемья grocery store across the street. I saw a few things I recognized, but it is very different and small and not in English. Chauncey tried to teach me a few words but I sort of forgot them.

Anyways, I’m alive and well at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University!


Managed to get all unpacked and settled in before bed.

Next morning was a tour but a water bottle opened and filled my camera with water, which was just fantastic. Good thing my iPhone has a decent camera…though it doesn’t compare to my Nikon D7000.

Post tour, we took pictures and I had my first grocery shopping experience, which was really difficult. With a pillow, a cup, and shampoo and body wash.

I think I spent $30



Last night was my first Санкт Петербург rain.

It started just after we returned from our second trip to Окей where we learned that you probably shouldn’t bring the bags back, just buy new ones or learn how to say “We brought them from home.” The rain was very different from back home where it just completely pours until it’s done. Here, it starts drizzling a few time before the rain, then it rains steadily but not too hard. It was really pretty to watch from my bedroom window.

Today,  we took the метро downtown. It was a lot easier and more efficient than I thought it was going to be. Russians are very good at the system.

A бабушка said “спосибо” and I replied correctly! Excellent.

Now we’re shopping and I’m trying for my first problem free trip! Well see if that happens…

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