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London in 48 hours or less

by Katy Rysemus

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So as I am sitting here typing this am reflecting back on the past week, I realize just how much you can cram into 7 days time. First thing: London is a rather large city and cannot conceivably be done in only two days. It has a beauty all its own that needs time to be appreciated and mulled over. While I was there, it was all a bit overwhelming and most of the time I felt as though I was walking in a dream, looking through someone else’s eyes. But a few days later I realized that no, they were in fact my own eyes and I had just spent 48 hours in one of the greatest cities on the planet. London has depth to every corner. The biggest must in London is figuring out how to work the Underground. I had taken the subway in New York City before but it really was nothing compared to the London Underground. At first it is a lot to take in and can be rather frightening but after only riding it a few times, I felt comfortable enough to the point where if I had to, I could muster the courage and try it by myself. It is rather user-friendly and the best/fastest way to get all over the vast city of London on a time crunch.

We took a typical bus tour of the city and saw all the sights: Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, The Prince Albert Memorial, Big Ben (which by the way refers to the bell inside the tower not the clock or the tower itself), Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, etc. They were all lovely places and I was so happy to see so much history. But my favorite part was getting out on my own, or rather in a small group, and seeing what we wanted to see. We got to go to Kings Cross Station which is a must for Harry Potter fans. When I travel, my favorite thing to do is go out on foot and see where you can get. Do as the locals do; go by the perfectly fitting, even though trite, statement “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This is my motto for the duration of my trip. Get out and go see the local sights. Ask the local people where to get the best food. This is another key thing. The food in London is amazing! Because it is such a melting pot of people, you can find pretty much anything you desire!

Our hotel was the Corus Hyde Park Hotel. Within all of 20 ft of our doorstep laid Hyde Park. It is a beautiful place any time of day. My favorite part of the park was the Peter Pan statue. It really does amaze me though that Will and Kate and little George are going to be living in Kensington Palace, which for those of you who do not know your London geography, is in Hyde Park! This place is huge and always busy. I am a little bit sad that I did not get to see a famous person while there!

Overall, London was an amazing experience that I would love to live over and over again until I am able to cover every inch of the place. It is definitely a city that requires more than one visit to completely appreciate its beauty in every way.

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