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I Don’t Care, Me Encanta!

by Valerie Debonis

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So I’m finally in Barcelona and moved into my apartment, which is amazing by the way.  We are a block away from the famous Sagrada Familia, there are cute cafes all around us and the most amazing fresh markets around the block.  Since Shannon and I know each other from school we shared a room, and our roommate Caroline has a single.  As I unpack my stuff it all sinks in much more than it had before: I’m actually here, and I am  not leaving for four months!  This place is gorgeous, the weather is perfect so far, and everything you look at is art.  That day we decided to search for our school, Universitat Autònoma.  Once we found it we explored the area and discovered that five minutes from my classes there was some serious shopping.  The city seemed more and more amazing as we walked through it, finding side streets to walk on, seeing the different types of architecture, and eating tapas for the first time.  I cannot believe how in love I am with Barcelona already, and I haven’t even seen a quarter of it.


This strip of cafes is on the street next to mine!

This strip of cafes is on the street next to mine!

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