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First Stop London!

by Valerie Debonis

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6 hours, a pasta dinner, and a croissant later we finally arrived in London.  Flying over Big Ben and the London Eye was unreal, not to mention all the castles and greenery.  As we met up with others in the AIFS program and drove to our hotel I seemed to forget about everything I was nervous about.  Finally we were able to explore London on our own.  Shannon and I ended up walking around for 5 hours, looking at parks and palaces, people watching and grabbing some lunch (which was awful by the way.)

When we got back, we had some dinner with others in the program and got to know everyone.  After getting about 4 hours of sleep we received a wake up call at 6 for a guided tour.  We saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge, the London Tower and so much more. The next morning at 4 am we were off to the airport; I was about to finally be in Barcelona! Being in London made me that much more excited to be going through this study abroad experience, it felt so unreal until then.

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