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A Few Pics From Abroad

What are our students up to? Starting their fall semester, getting adjusted and blogging along the way.


Alejandro visited Stonehenge. Check out the video he made for his last blog post.

And a certain train platform in London….

Valerie posted this picture and asked: Barcelona or heaven?

And Ebony discovered Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s eastern coast:

Rocking J’s Hostel in Puerto Viejo offers a unique experience, with hammocks as beds for $7/night. This is their main attraction. However, if this isn’t your cup of tea, no worries! They offer beds and tents to stay in as well. There’s also a bring your own hammock/tent section as well. Regardless of your sleeping preference I highly recommend this hostel! It’s covered in floor-to-ceiling mosaic a very open layout, and is steps away from the beach. If you like falling asleep to the gentle rocking of a hammock and waking up to the soft sounds of waves meeting the shore, this hostel is for you! We met the owner- Rockin Jay- and he’s one of the coolest guys in Puerto Viejo. Some of the people went to visit his bunker called “The Ark”. There is also the opportunity to create mosaic in the hostel for free. Cement, ceramic, and tools provided!


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