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Au Revoir San Diego

by Sarah Martin

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I don’t know if I can actually come up with words to describe the feelings I am having about leaving in three days. It’s something I have been dreaming of and now that it’s becoming a reality I have no idea what to think.

It’s always hard saying goodbye and these last few weeks I’ve had my fair share of tearful goodbyes. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Denver saying goodbye to all of my friends, my puppy, and my boyfriend. I know that these goodbyes aren’t permanent but that doesn’t make it any easier to leave the people I love. Especially for three months!


Me and my boyfriend Fritz



The hardest member of my family to say goodbye to; I’m a little too obsessed with my pup, Robin


 Saying goodbye to two of my best friends

Packing has been somewhat of a nightmare and the closer I get to leaving the more things I desperately try to stuff into my suitcase. Do you think it’s possible to get separation anxiety from your clothes? That’s just me being ridiculous.

Going abroad as a first semester senior is definitely different and I can’t help but feel a little bit of heartbreak being away from my school in Denver. But as difficult as it is, I’m glad I waited this long to study abroad. I feel more myself and more prepared to be on my own in a new country. I chose Paris for the amazing artistic possibilities. Countless artists have wandered the streets of Paris and created some of their most spectacular work. During my stay in Paris I will be attempting, and the key word is attempting, to find my own bit of inspiration. Knock on wood, but I hope to create an inspiring portfolio that I will build into my final art show.

Admittedly I am nervous to get to Paris and it stems mostly from not having a fluent grasp of the language. I haven’t taken a French class since I was 16 and the closer I get to arriving in Paris the more nervous I am. Waiting until three days before I leave is not the ideal time to brush up on my French! My hope is that after the initial struggle of re-learning French I will leave Paris fluent.

Even though I am unprepared to have a conversation that goes beyond introductions I am ready to immerse myself completely in a new culture. I knew no matter how much I studied French this summer nothing would prepare me for the reality of speaking French in Paris. In just a few days I am leaving everything I hold dear in my life behind: my family, my one year old puppy, my friends, boyfriend, Mexican food, and the beach! Despite everything I am leaving, I can’t help but think about the experiences I will gain. I am being given one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I cannot wait to embrace all that this trip has to offer!

Au revoir

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