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Barcelona or Heaven?

by Valerie Debonis

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I’ve been in Barcelona for two weeks now and it is completely amazing; the beaches, the shopping, the architecture, the churches, are so picturesque it almost looks fake.





 Classes started finally, helping me to meet insane amounts of people from all over the world! It is somewhat of a culture shock seeing how people from different countries do things, but more than interesting to say the least. Its taken me a little bit to get used to the food but I’m working on it. Tapas is a tradition here in Spain, it is not one dish but many different dishes that the table shares, so not how I do it in the states! This week I had a tour of the Sagrada Familia, a famous church that started construction in March 19, 1882.  This work of art is located in the center of Barcelona and is a huge tourist site.  It is so famous not only for the extraordinary design and but because it has still not been finished! Yes, that means this church has been worked on for 131 years! It is assumed that it will be complete in an estimated 15 years.



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