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I’m finally living in Grenoble! I remember wishing that someday I would live in France and it’s so surreal that it’s happening as I type this! This city is beautiful and the people here are so nice and patient. I love how close everything I need is and I cannot wait to start classes at my university!


Before I made it to Grenoble, I had a stopover in London. I have never been to this city before and I was in awe the whole time! The city is clean and the people are well dressed. I definitely want to make a trip back there again! There’s still so much to see!

I loved how we had free time to explore the city with small groups from our program. It made the experience so much better! Getting lost in a city is the best way to experience it in my opinion.


So far I’ve stayed in a hotel in Grenoble for 2 days for orientation. I got to walk around the city, learn how to use the tram, and experience French cuisine. Yesterday evening was the day that I met my host family. Actually I should say that yesterday evening was the day that I met my host mother. I am living with a 70 year old retired French woman that sculpts and listens to classical music. She’s is very motherly and it makes me feel better that she gave me a slight schedule to work with. Breakfast between 7am-8:30am, lunch from 1pm-2pm, then dinner at 7pm. I also appreciate that she doesn’t want me on the computer after midnight. Back at home I struggled with what I believed to be insomnia, but now that I look back on it, it could be just me not wanting to leave my computer.

I’m excited to start a new routine in France! My life at home wasn’t what I really wanted it to be and I had no huge motivation to change it. In Grenoble, I’m living in someone else’s house, I can’t speak the language perfectly, the food and water is different, and the time difference is great! I think that I needed something huge like this to push my life in the right direction.

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