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Why You Should Go Abroad This Spring

by AIFS Study Abroad

We found this quote on pinterest and we love it! Find us there and follow us for study abroad and travel news and ideas. What’s going on with us? Reading posts from our fall student bloggers and preparing for the spring programs. Speaking of which, there’s still time to go abroad this spring or this winter (J-Term!) and here are a few reasons why you should:

  1. Football will be over- what else are you going to do in January?
  2. New and exotic foods- or you could keep eating cereal in the dining hall. Your call.
  3. Different people- it’s fun to make new friends! You click immediately and before you know it, you’re leaving each other passive aggressive notes, but in another language.

Not to mention academic opportunities, language immersion, career advancement, personal growth, etc. What are you waiting for? In other AIFS study abroad news

We have new digs: we moved offices; same city, fancy new espresso machine

We have new programs: Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and Greece for the semester plus Ghana and a new program in Ireland

We have deadlines coming  up: Still time to go abroad- register on our website to download brochures or apply today with our new, simplified application

We have an awesome new program: Know someone in high-school interested in going abroad? Check out AIFS Summer Advantage! Summer programs for high-school students in London, Paris, Rome, Granada, Spain and San Jose, Costa Rica

Check out our website or contact us today- 203.399.5163 or info@aifs.com


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