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Bienvenue a Paris!

by Sarah Martin

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The first two days in Paris have been a dream come true. Every time I glimpse at the Eiffel Tower I get so overwhelmed with happiness. I have been thinking about and planning this trip for what seems like forever. As amazing as the city is I can’t lie that it has been an adjustment. It’s helped coming home to a family who is used to students and all the qualms that come with living in a new city. Learning french is still a struggle and I cannot wait to hold a conversation with a Parisian.

Tips I have learned so far are:

1. Don’t try and meet someone at a huge tourist spot when neither of you have phones

2. Breathe, you are not alone

3. It’s ok to be homesick

4. Find your happy place


I have since found my happy place at a small park in the 17th (arrondissement) near my apartment. It’s nice to be able to go and sit with a book and some bread and people watch and soak up the Parisian lifestyle. I cannot wait for even more experiences to come and for classes to start. Anxiously counting down the days!



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